The company today

Today the firm is held by the new generation,  Filippo’s sons – Paolo, Simone and Incoronata who,
keeping up with the times, put their will of growing and innovating together with the cheese masters’ ancient and traditional skills. Thus, they merged past and present steadily looking towards the future.

To grant our customers very high quality products, excellent, with the ancient taste, respecting and increasing the value of the territory.
To contribute to the development of the market and becoming a representative of made in Italy, synonymous of quality and excellence, by promoting the Reginella d’Abruzzo’s products abroad national borders.


Reginella d'Abruzzo srl - Via Aroto, 1 - 67039 Sulmona (AQ) Italia - tel. +39.0864.33419 - fax +39.0864.56579